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Tipis for summer

Tipis are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. With room for a family or a whole workshop class, and always striking.

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Canvas cabins – new designs

New configurations of our cabins are now available. Append one to another for a longer space you can walk through, or connect four together to make your own mini-village with a central shared area!

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New marquee tents designs

Our design has always been ahead of the curve.

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Historical tents for sale

Meet the Landsknecht tent. Perfect for donning armour or relaxing after a hard day at the tourney.

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A fantastic 7m tipi in beautiful surroundings

We have a very happy customer with their magical 7m tipi in stunning surroundings together with raincatcher and all. Even the dog approves!

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Yurts joined together

Yurts can come in any combination. You can have a single yurt or even 2, 3 or 4 yurts attached together. Here is an example of our 7m and 8m yurts joined together and used for glamping.

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Ambience in our traditional canvas marquee

We recently pitched our 8m x 12m traditional canvas marquee for a “Summer Party”. With a few fairy lights and the marquees own intrinsic beauty, the ambience created was fantastic and made for a beautiful time, both day and night but especially when the heavens opened and we danced the night away regardless. Our marquees […]

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Inside a glamping yurt

One of our customers has recently refurnished their yurt so beautifully that we just had to show it off. It’s used as the honeymoon suite and you can see why. Even the floor is hand painted with a unique design. Beat this for a romantic hideaway!!

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Tipi poles in stock

We now have literally hundreds of tipi poles in stock ranging from 6m to 11m in length. Contact us for more info.

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Yurt Stove with Cob Thermal Mass

We have almost completed the cob bench for thermal mass incorporated into our yurt stove. When we truly finish it will be a thing of real beauty but for now, it is there to slowly release heat that would otherwise be lost up the chimney. The flue goes through the cob therefore heating it up […]

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