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Welcome to World Tents – the UK’s primary source of natural man-made tents and accessories. From yurts and tipis to historical tents and geodesic domes, scout tents, cabin tents, marquees and more, we’re committed to using sustainable materials and traditional techniques that allow us to create living and recreational spaces for you to enjoy.

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We offer various material choices with all our yurts, tipis and tents – such as a polyester-mixed covering, though we always prefer to use 100% cotton canvas for its excellent combination of weather resistance and breathability.

Tipis, or Teepees, are one of the simplest forms of canvas dwelling – at their most basic they’re a collection of long straight sticks tied together near one end, splayed out at the other, with a covering wrapped around the conical shape. Historically for tipis and yurts, animal skins or bark would be used to provide the outer layer, but this has evolved into using a pliable, versatile canvas cover in cotton or polyester. Tipis are a wonderful tent to spend time in, cool in the summer and warm in the winter with the addition of a stove or open fire. The conical design of the teepee is such that it funnels any smoke from the fire up through the structure, creating a comfortable space suitable for many purposes.

Simple to erect, but offering a majestic living space, tipis and yurts are perfect for a wide variety of purposes, from camping and festivals, to family gatherings or a space for meditation. Put up a tipi at a concert or large get-together and you’ll never have problems finding your tent, teepees tend to stand out amongst the crowd.

In contrast to tipis, our Mongolian inspired yurts are a little more complicated in design, offering vertical walls and a sloped roof, complete with a crown cover that can be removed to allow for extra ventilation or some serious stargazing. Yurts offer a feeling of tranquil space, step inside and you’ll see what we mean - giving you the perfect ambience for meditation, massage or for any number of workshops. Often used as sacred spaces, yurts have changed very little in design, simply evolving to take advantage of modern canvas and waterproofing methods.

From yurts and teepees to our historical creations for film and TV, we’re confident that a tent from the sustainable methods and materials used by World Tents will help you to find new levels of serenity.

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