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Covered yurt

The womb of the tent world. This has always been my favourite tent. Originally called a Ger and from Mongolia, where people live in them in the harsh conditions of the steppes. I have seen these tents go through very high winds without any damage whatsoever. Often the chosen dwelling of travelling folk due to their spaciousness, beauty and the fact that you can heat them, most yurt dwellers would have a wood burning stove. The crown cover can be made of a clear plastic allowing in light and the beautiful night sky. Our yurts have separate wall, roof and crown covers.

Yurt frame

Uses for a yurt

As well as dwellings, yurts are regularly used to hold workshops and as a sacred space – when you enter a yurt you will understand why, the serenity you will find in a yurt is second to none.


Yurt at night

Yurt sizes and accessory options

We presently make yurts in the following sizes: 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m and 8m. Doors and windows are also available for your yurt in "almost" any configuration you like so please contact us with your requirements. We are also happy to provide/advise as to the best stoves and flues for our yurts.


Yurt materials

We make our yurts out of either 393g (13oz) flame retardant canvas, 407g (13oz) coloured canvas or our Nordic canvas material is in a class of its own and this is the one we recommend if you are going to live in your yurt or leave it up permanently. All of our canvas is water and rot resistant.Flame retardent canvas is also available. The covers are very durable and we are happy to advise as to which is best for your needs. We also offer 0.5cm white felt insulation for the serious yurt dweller, contact us for more info on this.

Yurt decor

Yurt colours

Our canvas comes as standard in a natural off white colour. Nordic canvas comes in either beige or green and we can also make your yurt in the colour(s) of your choice but please note coloured canvas is only available in a 407g (13oz) flame retardant finish.


Price list

Ordering information

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Canvas Colour Chart


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