David Field
David FieldProprietor
I live with my two children at Redfield Community in Buckinghamshire. The ethos here fits in with my own beliefs: to respect the environment. That’s what inspired me to make my first tent out of natural materials, a tent that could breathe.
I travelled extensively for 12 years and during that time lived in tipis, domes, benders and yurts as well as the occasional guest house.
We are now settled at Redfield and setting up this business is providing us with an income from a sustainable source.
Everything we make or sell is either natural or made from recycled materials. Some of the wood we use comes from as close as 200 metres away. All of it comes from sustainable woodland. Whilst we do offer a polyester mixed weave canvas we prefer to sell and recommend the use of the natural 100% cotton canvas. As well as our own products we sell the products of FAM, a Czech company whose ethics and commitment to quality match our own.

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